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Orders & Purchases

Depending on the delivery option you selected at checkout, we’ll email you a tracking link after your order has been shipped.

Follow this link to check the status of your order. We can also send you notifications about any important updates regarding your order – just make sure you’ve opted into notifications.
Changed your mind, or gave the wrong address at checkout? No worries, we’ve all done it. As long as your order hasn’t processed or shipped, you can make changes to it. You’ll first want to pull up your order. If you placed your order while logged in to your account, login and choose Your Account from the drop-down menu under your username. On your Account page, select Orders from the left-hand side, and find the order you’d like to update from your Order History.
Canceling your order is the last thing we want to do but some situations come up where cancellation is the best option to save you time and money. If your order is canceled, you won’t be charged. Find more information about auth holds. The most common reasons an order might be canceled are: We will send you an email if any part of your order is canceled or if we need more information to process your order.

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your complete order. Here are a few steps you can take to resolve this issue:

  1. Check Your Order Confirmation: Review the order confirmation email or receipt to verify the items that were supposed to be included in your order.

  2. Inspect the Packaging: Sometimes items are shipped separately, so check for any additional packages that might be part of your order.

  3. Contact Customer Service: Reach out to the customer service team of Musclemade where you placed the order. Provide them with your order number and details of the missing items.

  4. Provide Proof: If possible, take photos of the received items and the packaging. This can help the customer service team understand the situation better and speed up the resolution process.

  5. Follow Up: If you don’t receive a response within a reasonable time frame, follow up with the customer service team. Be polite but firm in seeking a resolution.

Returns & Refunds

After returning the product please wait to let the product arrive at our Warehouse. After submitting your return, please allow at least 2-3 weeks of processing time before checking your refund status.

Shipping & Tracking

You will be notified about Free Shipment at cart page.

At this time, we can’t change your delivery address once the order has been processed. If your order hasn’t been processed yet, you can file a cancellation request. Then, you can place a new order with the correct address.

If your order hasn’t arrived by the expected delivery date, you can check the website to see the current status of your order here.

Please note: The expected shipping times for orders all over India is max Upto 5 Days.

If you’ve ordered during one of our sales it gets pretty busy, so your delivery might take a little longer to get to you.

You can use our Postcode Checker. We’ll instantly be able to tell you if we deliver to your postcode.
Why don’t Shop deliver to me? We’re always expanding our delivery area, and hope to be in your area soon! Please register with us, so we can email you as soon as we start delivering to your address.

Fees & billing

To obtain the receipt for a product ordered on website, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check Your Email: The order confirmation and receipt are usually sent to your email address immediately after you place an order. Look for an email from MUSCLEMADE NUTRITION with the subject line that includes terms like “Order Confirmation,” “Receipt,” or “Invoice.”

  2. Log In to Your Account:

    • Go to the  website and log in to your account.
    • Navigate to the section that lists your order history, often labeled “My Orders,” “Order History,” or “Purchase History.”
  3. Find the Specific Order:

    • Locate the specific order for which you need the receipt.
    • Click on the order details to view more information about the purchase.
  4. Download or Print the Receipt:

    • There should be an option to view, download, or print the receipt or invoice.
    • If available, click on the appropriate link to download or print the receipt.
  5. Contact Customer Service: If you cannot find the receipt through your account or email, you can contact customer service for assistance.

Payment Options:

  • Cash.on Delivery.
  • Debit cards.
  • Credit cards.
  • Internet Banking.
  • UPI.
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